Who are we?

Pollinating London Together is a collaboration of some of the City of London's Livery Companies, initiated by the Wax Chandlers. The Pollinating London Together team includes professionals and business leaders, who all have a shared interest in sustainability and making London a better place for our precious and essential pollinators.

Our Purpose

PLT will share knowledge on pollination and create partnerships between experts. We will consider a range of projects and how they might be supported. PLT will meet other corporations interested in a more sustainable future and re-greening our environment. We will raise awareness of pollinators, specifically bees, the challenges facing them and educate and inspire society to take positive action for them within London.

We will achieve this by...


Raising Awareness







Our Cause

Imagine living in a world without flowers or fruit or even coffee or chocolate. Thanks to the wonderful work of pollinators like bees, much of the food we eat and flowers and plants we enjoy are possible. Human health and well-being are intrinsically linked to the work these amazing creatures do for free. Pollinators ultimately play a role in the majority of what we eat and consume, the flowers we enjoy in our gardens and the countryside we visit.

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Food security for the future

The pollinator ecosystem service as a necessity for the UK economy to thrive and its relevance to businesses.

Business for the Bees

Pollination is highly relevant to business and investors, what can business do and what opportunities exist for corporations?

Urban Jungle or Green Living

What could a greener London look like and what is the impact on health and wellbeing?

Investment in Education and Awareness

Accessible events and Citizen Science programmes to create opportunities to educate and empower citizens to 

re-pollinate their own communities.

A Little About Livery Companies

Trade guilds, which would later become livery companies, formed in London during the 12th Century. Men and women, working in the same crafts or trades began to join together in informal associations. They originally functioned as social, religious and benevolent organisations looking after Members and their families who fell on hard times through no fault of their own.  Members and others made donations and bequests to the livery companies for charitable purposes.

Today, there are 110 livery companies in the City of London, from the older, such as the Goldsmith’s , Mercer’s and Butchers to the modern ones reflecting newer ‘trades’ such asInformation Technologists or Security Professionals. Livery companies support schools, training and research centres, recognising excellence in their trades and it is estimated that they distribute charitable funds of c.£65m annually.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, are events are currently all virtually hosted, we look forward to returning to in-person events when it is safe to do so.

 We will have guest speakers engaging with businesses regarding how they can help our pollinators, as well as showcasing the work that initiatives around the capital are doing, whilst also providing an immersive and experiential educational platform.


We hope to establish an annual fund-raising event that will cover pollinators and other ecological issues to which the City and other Livery Companies can lend their valuable weight.

We look forward to being able to see you in person!

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Why Sponsor Us?

Our skills:

Engaging with businesses demonstrating how they can help pollinators through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Networks, contacts, communication channels to different audiences, pollinator knowledge and science, access to influencers.

Increasing brand awareness with our target audience:

Influencers - Government, Corporates in the City, people who can make things happen, Leaders in commerce and pollinator science, NGO’s, Guilds. You will have access to our digital footprint pre-, at- and post-event to maximise the value of your investment and your exposure.

Unique marketing opportunities:

Bees are important and high in people’s consciousness, they are attractive, essential and need saving. Can be used in marketing with advice from our team to avoid any accusation of ‘BeeWashing’! The time is right:  the environment is on the political agenda, it is in the media, it is in Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.   Companies and their clients are focusing on how they can support sustainability of the planet in a way not seen before.

How You Can Get Involved

In spite of going through such an extraordinary period in the world there are a range of ways in which organisations can become involved now. These include, but are not limited to:

Taking steps around your organisation to improve your green credentials – be creative with your ‘greening’

Offer use of a location for an event or educational session

Donate to Pollinating London Together to help us support local initiatives

Collect data (ask us how)

Release your staff to volunteer on projects around the City

Become an official sponsor of our annual event (please contact us for more information on packages)

Our Aims

We work in a variety of sectors across London to engage, educate, and encourage the various communities of the city to understand the importance of pollinators. We focus on four main corners that we believe are the pillars for rebuilding a green city where our pollinators thrive.


Please do get in touch if you would like to become one of our sponsors.

The Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers

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The Wax Chandlers are one of the older established companies dating back over 650 years, their origins were in the regulation of beeswax candles, hence their motto “Truth is the light”. Their Hall is in Gresham Street where they have continuously occupied the same street corner since before Columbus set sail for America.  A couple of ‘incidents’ over the last 500 years, including the fire of London required the hall to be rebuilt! 


The Wax Chandlers through their interest in the bee are also now focusing on the health and well being of bee pollinators (bumble, honey and solitary bees) shows critical importance to our food security is increasingly being recognised. The Pollinating London Together group seeks to alert others to the danger and damage to the bee pollinators environment, raise funds and establish and support projects and behaviour that will help deliver a sustainable future for them.

Our Affiliates

These wonderful companies have donated goods or services in support of Pollinating London Together.

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Gosnells of London

Gosnells donated a superb range of mead drinks to our Livery Lunch event.


and friends...

Wax Chandlers’ Charitable Trust - Charity Registration Number 278164

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